SMC Master Plan

OVERVIEW OF THE 1998 MASTER PLAN: The Career and Educational Facilities Master Plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1998, is a strong statement of specific strategies to guide SMC in meeting the needs of the present and anticipating the demands of the future.

It is a living document and provides overall development principles, such as encouraging interaction, program adjacencies, a campus design with clear logic, a balance of open space and density, sustainability, the use of technology, a vehicle free interior, parking self-sufficiency, celebrated arrival via public transportation, and developing the campuses as community resources with accessible public amenities.

The 1998 Master Plan identified a number of projects that have been completed or are in progress and are overviewed in the Bond Projects section of this site. The Master Plan was amended in 2007 to provide for facilities on the Bundy campus with the final project of the 1998 Plan under construction.

OBJECTIVES OF THE MASTER PLAN 2010 UPDATE: The proposed update incorporates current College facility planning, including projects approved by the voters of Santa Monica and Malibu in the Measure U, Measure S, and Measure AA elections:

  • Identifies options for SMC campus sites with regard to land use, transportation, and sustainability.
  • Reduces the planned density and increases the planned open space for the Main campus; and provides for a replacement Physical Education building, a replacement Math and new Science wing building, seismic repair, and improvements for the Pico Boulevard frontage.
  • Provides for expansion at the Academy campus to accommodate programs in digital arts, media, communication, journalism, and broadcasting, and incorporated parking, and the relocation of the College’s radio station.
  • Provides for long-range development planning at the Olympic Shuttle site.
  • Provides for program expansion at the Performing Arts campus in music, art, and public programs, related parking, and seismic repair.

DOCUMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD: SMC Facilities Master Plan 2010 Update

Additional information can be found on the SMC Facilities Master Plan website.