Connection of Existing Facilities to Central Plant

Architect: Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio

Engineer : P2S Engineering

Contractor: SJ Amoroso

Program / Construction Manager: LPI, Inc.

Status: Under Construction

  • The project scope includes the conversion of five (5) campus buildings from standalone HAVC systems to central plant operations.
  • The buildings will be connected hydraulically to the central plant chilled water system and each building will be converted to chilled water central plant operations.
  • Piping connections will start at each building’s underground valve vault and extend to the mechanical equipment within the buildings. 
  • New HVAC systems shall have direct digital control systems.
  • There are HVAC systems to be demolished entirely and some that shall be demolished and then replaced. 
  • The project scope includes repainting of two of the subject buildings and re-roofing of one building.
  • The work shall be done with limited interruptions to the College’s operations and the available shut-down periods for the buildings is very limited. 

Funding Sources: Measure AA