Measure U

Phase I – For Safety & Modernization at Santa Monica College

The Santa Monica College Board of Trustees placed Bond Measure U on the March 5, 2002, ballot that authorized the College to issue up to $160 million in bonds for capital improvement projects at the College.

Funds from Measure U must be used to:

  • Increase educational opportunities and raise student achievement;
  • Replace or repair deteriorating buildings and related facilities;
  • Construct, furnish, and equip classrooms, laboratories, learning resources, and related facilities;
  • Upgrade computer technology and energy saving equipment;
  • Improve campus safety, fire security, parking and lighting;
  • Improve or acquire real property; and
  • Complete earthquake retrofitting.

The list of projects to be financed under Measure U includes:

  • Replacement of the earthquake-damaged Liberal Arts building
  • A new Student Services Center to relocate programs out of temporary buildings and to restore campus open space
  • Construction of a new addition to the Science Complex for Nursing, Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, Math and related programs
  • Acquisition of property to provide off-campus parking
  • A new home for the highly popular Emeritus College for older adults
  • Construction of underground parking garages
  • Construction of a new Literacy Center building
  • Renovation of campus Main Stage Theater to meet modern teaching standards
  • Modernization and renovation of Student Activities Building
  • Central utility plant and distribution system to reduce energy costs and improve the environment